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ST Engineering is an integrated engineering and defence group, providing solutions and services in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors.
Headquartered in Singapore, the Group ranks among the largest companies listed on the Singapore Exchange. We have more than 22,000 employees worldwide, in 23 countries and 41 cities, serving customers in over 100 countries.


Asia's biggest for Aviation's Finest
The Singapore Airshow, among the world's Top 3 aviation events, is the largest aerospace and defence event in Asia.
Exhibition Opening Hours
Trade Visitors
14 Feb 2012 (Tues) 12:00pm - 5:00pm
15 Feb 2012 (Wed) 9:30am - 5:00pm
16 Feb 2012 (Thur) 9:30am - 5:00pm
17 Feb 2012 (Fri) 9:30am - 5:00pm
Public Visitors
18 Feb 2012 (Sat) 9:30am - 5:00pm
19 Feb 2012 (Sun) 9:30am - 5:00pm
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By Taxi

There is a designated pick-up/drop off taxi bay at Changi Exhibition Centre. An additional location surcharge will be applicable if you are taking a taxi from the Show site.


Location surcharge will be confirmed at a later date.


Changi Exhibition Centre
9 Aviation Park Road
Singapore 498760


By Shuttle Bus

On Trade Days, hop onto the shuttle bus operating between Singapore Airshow 2012 Official Hotels and Changi Exhibition Centre for a fee. This service will not be available on public days.


Shuttle bus services from other locations will be confirmed at a later date.


Shuttle bus service and routes on Public Days will be published at a later date.


Fees will be confirmed at a later date.



By Car

Route to Singapore Airshow via ECP

  • Take the ECP in the direction of Changi Airport and exit at Exit 2A towards Changi Coast Road.
  • Drive along Changi Coast Road until you come to a right-turn junction of Changi Coast Road and Aviation Park Road. Look out for the sign, that says "Changi Exhibition Centre".
  • Turn right at this junction into Aviation Park Road which will lead you to the CEC Carpark on your left as you approach the CEC.


Route to Singapore Airshow via PIE/ECP

  • Take the ECP in the direction of Changi Airport and exit at Exit 2A towards Changi Coast Road.
  • Drive along Changi Coast Road until you come to a right-turn junction of Changi Coast Road and Aviation Park Road. Look out for the sign, that says "Changi Exhibition Centre".
  • Turn right at this junction into Aviation Park Road which will lead you to the CEC Carpark on your left as you approach the CEC.
  • Turn right at this junction and the road will lead you straight to the CEC Carpark which will be on your left as you approach the CEC.


Route to Singapore Airshow via PIE/TPE

  • Take the PIE in the direction of Changi Airport and exit at Exit 2 towards TPE (SLE).
  • Look out for Exit 2 on the left and take that Exit, which goes towards Upper Changi Road East / TPE (SLE).
  • Go in the direction of TPE (SLE) and follow the sign towards Loyang Avenue and Changi Village.
  • When the road forks, turn right into Loyang Avenue and keep going straight ahead past Changi Village and Singapore Aviation Academy.
  • After the Singapore Aviation Academy, turn right into Nicoll Drive and keep going straight ahead past the Changi Ferry Terminal.
  • About 100m after the Changi Ferry Terminal traffic junction you will come to a left-turn junction of Changi Coast Road and Aviation Park Road.
  • Turn left at this junction into Aviation Park Road which will lead you to the CEC Carpark on your left as you approach the CEC.


Information was taken from Singapore Airshow website ( dated December 2011.

Getting There
Aerospace Overview

The section showcases integrated aerospace services and solutions, highlighting the leading role played by ST Engineering's aerospace sector as an Integrated Service Provider in the aviation and aerospace industry.

With facilities located at key aviation hubs worldwide, ST Aerospace's AMM operations offer unparalleled services for airframes. Visit this cluster to get an overview of our extensive range of AMM services for both commercial and military aircraft types.


Complementing the MRO solutions are our engineering and development capabilities. From cabin interiors to passenger-to-freighter/combi conversions, ST Aerospace is the one stop centre you can depend on for all your aircraft needs.

Component Total Support

With a repair and logistics support network around the world, ST Aerospace provides repair and overhaul services for a wide range of aircraft components. An appointed service centre for leading OEMs and a leader in component maintenance supply solutions with combined capabilities for more than 25,000 mechanical and avionics component types, ST Aerospace offers services for avionics (including electrical, radar/communications, instruments and electro-optics) and mechanical components (including heli-dynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics and propellers) for a broad spectrum of military aircraft and helicopters, as well as commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft, Airbus A320 aircraft and MD11.


ST Aerospace also provides a wide range of aircraft component management and support services, including Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) and material supply programme (MSP) support, warehouse and material management, Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) spares and service support, aircraft parts trading, aircraft operating lease and OEM representation.

Engine Total Support

ST Aerospace offers customised integrated solutions for customers' fleet of engines, helping to achieve longest on-wing time at lowest lifecycle costs for customers' engine operations. Our full spectrum services include Asset Management, On-Wing Maintenance, Off-Wing Maintenance as well as Technical Management. ST Aerospace's engine support capability extends to both commercial and military engine types, which include the CFM56 and JT8D series of engines, as well as the J85, F100, F404, T53, T55, T56, and Turbomeca Makila and Arriel engines. Over the years, we have overhauled and repaired more than 8,000 engines.


Extending beyond MRO services, ST Aerospace has also forayed into the engine leasing business which will allow ST Aerospace to extend our engine total support expertise to better meet customers' needs for integrated engine solutions.


With dual facility operations in China and Singapore, ST Aerospace is a preferred partner of major engine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and our close relationship with OEMs allows us to continuously develop and deliver proven, cost effective aftermarket solutions that increase asset value and reduce lifecycle costs.


ST Aerospace offers a complete training solution that is customisable to meet the different needs of customers. From commercial and military pilot training services to technical training courses, we are committed to deliver an enhanced learning experience with our well qualified instructors, comprehensive facilities and the use of training simulators.


Try your hands at the technical training set-up to experience what it is like to be a trainee. Certified as a Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation by CAAS and EASA, ST Aerospace offers aircraft type training for narrow-body and wide-body aircraft.



Find out more about our varied air charter services at this cluster. From VIP charter and air ambulance to flight calibration and target towing, our fleet of executive jets offers a wide range of customisable solutions, complete with high standards of comfort, reliability and security.


For nearby locations such as Malaysia and Indonesia, our helicopter charter arm offers sightseeing tours, aerial survey trips, ship-to-ship transfers, among others. Come to us for your events and let our helicopter flight be part of your cherished moments.



ST Aerospace has developed innovative and indigenous UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) systems that are fully autonomous and easy to operate. This allows operators to shift their focus from piloting the UAV to concentrate on achieving their missions.


Skyblade family

Together with the Singapore-based DSO National Laboratories (DSO), ST Aerospace has developed several UAV systems including the Skyblade III and Skyblade IV systems. Based on ST Aerospace's experience and expertise in aircraft design and development, we have engineered a new mini UAV system - Skyblade 360. The Skyblade 360's longer endurance and higher payload capacity offers increased mission versatility. With fully autonomous flight operations, the Skyblade family of UAVs delivers an effective, highly mobile reconnaissance capability for any user, and is suited to support civilian and military applications.


UAV Control Stations

ST Aerospace will be featuring a Next Generation Control Station (NGCS), an integrated solution to optimise the operational capabilities of our indigenously developed unmanned systems. Based on state-of-the-art man-machine interfaces, operator consoles are designed to provide optimal mission execution. ST Aerospace's Ground Control Station (GCS) is designed to reduce the workload of operators thus enabling them to focus on the mission execution.


Besides the NGCS, to increase the mobility and survivability of our mini UAVs, ST Aerospace has developed a wearable GCS for operators. This wearable GCS enables the user to perform his mission while keeping his hands free. The wearable GCS is lightweight and highly portable, and allows the operator to retain mobility while operating the UAV.


Flight Control Computers (FCC)

With a team of highly qualified and competent engineers, ST Aerospace has designed Flight Control Computers (FCC) for our family of UAV Systems. The FCCs are designed using common technology, and are tailored to meet the demands of the mini, close range and vertical take-off and landing UAVs. The FCCs encompass inertial sensors and customisable inputs / outputs that enable ease of integration with various payloads. The FCCs are also built with dual redundant features, both in terms of hardware and software, and this increases the reliability and survivability of the UAV systems.


Multi-Mission Processors

In line with our maxim of leveraging leading edge technology, ST Aerospace provides customers with customised avionics system upgrades for fixed and rotary wing aircraft platforms with our state-of-the-art multi-mission processors (MMPs). ST Aerospace's MMPs are able to provide additional computing power and graphics generation on heads-down LCD displays for modern day airborne applications.


A noteworthy mention would be our latest flight-proven product from our range of MMP products - aeronautical display processor. This display processor is designed to be installed on fixed-wing aircraft platforms to provide additional computing power and advanced 2D / 3D graphics generation on heads-down LCD displays for modern day airborne applications.


Our MMPs are designed to be modular and easily adaptable for various platforms and missions. The MMPs, together with our experience in real-time, safety and flight critical software makes ST Aerospace stand out as a system integrator.


ST Aerospace is the premier one stop centre of the C130 / L100 Hercules, with services ranging from airframe structural repair, component and engine repair and overhaul, as well as design and modification. With our vast maintenance, repair and overhaul experience, coupled with our engineering expertise, ST Aerospace is able to offer total support, fast turnaround time, and cost-effective solutions with impeccable quality.


Supported by our in-house Engineering and Development Centre, ST Aerospace extends our service offerings to include a wide range of engineering and design solutions that meet the requirements of C130 / L100 Hercules operators. Our modernisation package resolves equipment obsolence issues and allows seamless operations between civilian and military air space. Our modernisation boosts commonality amongst different models of the C130 / L100 aircraft, and allows operators to enjoy flexibility in aircrew-aircraft allocation.

ST Enggineering... Around The World
This cluster highlights ST Engineering's global presence, supported by more than 22,000 employees and over 100 subsidiaries and associated companies in 23 countries and 41 cities.
D45 Off-Road Dump Truck
The TRXBUILD D45 Off-Road Dump Truck is a leading hauling machine built with productivity, reliability and safety in mind. Fitted with one of the biggest dumper in the market, the 45-tonne payload D45 is an indispensible machine for all construction and mining sites.
Ka-Band Block-Up Converters

This small and light weight new Ka-Band BUC is ideal for mobile and satellite uplink applications. Designed to be mounted on the feed horn, the BUC has excellent efficiency and consumes less than 80W for the 5W Ka-Band BUC. The unit works on a wide range input DC power supply from 38V to 60V. The innovative and efficient thermal design makes this BUC one of the smallest, lightest and most reliable in the industry. With a redundancy-ready feature, the unit can be easily configured to work in 1:1 redundant mode.

Services Overview

This cluster demonstrates our holistic and comprehensive approach in addressing the specific needs of the armed forces. With a forward-looking mindset, we provide customised solutions and services to upgrade and reset existing assets. We also continuously introduce new and smarter processes for a more effective system, and training and learning for soldiers to equip them with the most current technologies.

The F16 Simulator is a Full-Mission Simulator (FMS) that acts as a training tool by realistically recreating the cockpit and the mission environments that the F-16 operates in.


This system incorporates environmental information with a high degree of realism and precision to create the flight training environment. The technologically advanced F-16 Simulator provides a cost-effective solution which enables trainee pilots to understand and appreciate the effects and consequences of both the aircraft's physical parameters and its performance in varying environmental situations.

F16 Simulator

The UAV BattleLab is a demonstration of how MÄK, ST Electronics US simulation company, can deliver higher level simulation solutions to help customers meet their goals faster and with less risk. BattleLab brings together MÄK's integration expertise, COTS products and partner products from AGI, DiSTI,JRM Technologies and Scalable Network Technologies to form a lab consisting of three workstations; a UAV Operator station, an Operator/Analyst station and a Network Modelling station.

New Ideas Overview

This cluster unveils our new ideas designed to enhance warfighting effectiveness. We endeavour to do more with less by integrating smartness into proven technology. We immerse in smartness, and constantly stay ahead of innovations so that our engineers deliver smart solutions to equip modern forces for present and the future.

ST Electronics' Future C2 empowers decision-makers with sensemaking capabilities in operations for homeland security and complex airport operations and security. It comprises three key components that empower sensemaking process. Smart Data Management collects operational data from many sources within the Future C2; Smart Analytics with INsights for Tomorrow (SAINT) will provide superior awareness for timely collaboration and team decision-making process; and Smart Glance will then provide powerful visuals for decisions during operations.

Future C2
AgilFence PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System)

The AgilFence PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) is a locally designed and developed solution for fence security, offering highly accurate and instantaneous intrusion detection. This enables a facility's security force to respond quickly and effectively.


The AgilFence PIDS uses advanced optical fibre sensors known as Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG). These are embedded in the optical fibre cable to form an array of sensors for perimeter fence intrusion detection. These extremely sensitive FBG sensors are used to sense incidents in various scenarios where very slight disturbance to the physical parameters will trigger a response in the optical fibre sensor that translates into an intrusion alert to the command centre.


AgilFence PIDS can be deployed quickly, as it needs only a single run of optical fibre cable around the perimeter fence line, compared to double or triple runs required for other solutions. The system is UV-resistant and protected by an armoured cable, allowing it to be fence-mounted without any difficulty. At the heart of the AgilFence PIDS is ST Electronics' proprietary intelligent signal processing system that has the ability to adapt and adjust automatically to different physical environmental factors and weather elements. Its precise discrimination and analysis of events enable the AgilFence PIDS to achieve a high probability of detection with an extremely low false alarm rate at all times.

With the increasing frequency of global cyber attacks and information leakage, cyber defence has become a top concern of governments and commercial entities.


ST Electronics provides a comprehensive approach to cyber defence, utilising an industry framework that incorporates protection, detection, response and recovery.

Cyber Defence

X-SAT, Singapore's first locally built satellite, was successfully launched into space on 20 April 2011. It has been proven to work as designed and is operating in orbit at 817 km altitude. Weighing 105 kg, the X-SAT Micro-Satellite for Earth Observation carries three payloads, namely an electro-optical camera with three multi-spectral bands, a high performance parallel processor for on-board image processing and a GPS receiver for high precision orbit determination. It is capable of performing Earth Observation missions, with a near realtime image transmission to the image reception station within the same ground pass.


The micro-satellite platform provides a low-cost and effective approach to carry multiple experimental payloads on a piggy back launch to a Sun Synchronous Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). It can be used as an ideal platform for quick prototyping and qualification of in-house or new designs.

Earth Observation Satellite

Currently, many radar tracking systems are under-performing due to high false alarm rates or the inability to detect small targets. Through conscientious R&D efforts, we have specially designed a radar extractor and tracker system that runs on Track-Before-Detect (TBD) algorithms. This powerful software engine enables the detection of small targets in noisy and heavily cluttered environments.


Current conventional techniques, known as Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) use adaptive threshold that is higher than clutter and noise levels to achieve low false alarm rate. As a result, small targets with signal strength lower than the threshold will be filtered out and are undetected.

Sentinel Radar Extractor & Tracker
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ST Engineering
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ST Aerospace, Corporate Communications Ms Belinda Ng Assistant Vice President 6380 6176 9683 6361
ST Electronics, Corporate Communications Ms Magdalen Loh
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ST Kinetics, Corporate Communications Mr Seng Woei Yuan Manager 6660 7449 9842 2773
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Puzzle Contest
Green Solutions Overview

ST Engineering contributes to the growing momentum of environmentalism. We design and deliver a suite of solutions and technologies to enable businesses to deliver their own sustainable solutions or to facilitate their businesses to operate in a smarter and efficient way.

Smart Utilities Suite

ST Electronics leverages advanced technologies and domain expertise to innovate smart products, solutions and services that transform businesses to achieve economic and environmental sustainability. Its Smart Utilities Suite enables utilities providers to increase operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and empower their customers to manage their consumption of utilities through efficient monitoring processes and systems for water, electricity and gas.

Diesel-Electric Hybrid Bus

The first ever diesel-hybrid electric city bus in Singapore has achieved fuel savings of up to 30% through more than 10,000km of road trials. ST Kinetics’ diesel-hybrid electric city bus has also demonstrated lower emissions and life cycle maintenance costs.

Pneumatic Waste Collection  System

The CleanVAC Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS) is the ideal solution for 21st century high rise and fast-paced living. It is currently being deployed in Tianjin’s Eco-City’s Eco-Business Park, as a result of an MOU with Tianjin Eco-City Sheng Chuang Investment & Development Co. Ltd (Sheng Chuang). The CleanVAC PWCS eliminates waste collection trucks, waste bins, noise and provides total waste disposal at the press of a button.


The CleanVAC PWCS comes in several models:

  • Mobile method - using High Pressure Suction Systems on vehicles
  • Central Station with Stationary Compactors
  • Gravity with Partial Vacuum Concepts built below buildings


Depending on the space availability, developers have several choices and solutions.


The CleanVAC system has the following features:

  • Low noise operation
  • Odour and dust control
  • Low electrical cost
  • Utilising compactors to maximise load
  • Fully automated Control Stations
  • Adaptability for food waste and recycling collection
Green Ship

ST Marine has developed a ‘Green Ship’ design incorporating features of green technologies. Offering improved inter-modal transportation with highly efficient berthing and loading/unloading coupled with minimal port infrastructure requirements, the Green Ship has little environmental impact and is energy efficient in design, systems and operations.


Our Green Ship incorporates environmentally friendly and efficient ship technologies adapted from proven designs aims to achieve the following key characteristics:


  • Minimal environmental impact to meet stringent environmental requirements for operations in European ports
  • Optimised hull-form and propulsion to save fuel and reduces pollution
  • Incorporation of Ballast Water Treatment and Management System to remove micro-organisms, minimising ballast water transfer effects
  • Incorporation of Exhaust Emission Control System and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for reduction of NOx and Sox emissions
  • An integrated energy savings and recovery system for efficient overall energy management
  • Usage of alternative paints for external hull surfaces, instead of conventional antifouling paints which contain toxic substances
  • Innovative Fuel Efficiency Module (in-house designed system based on extensive knowledge and experience on naval architecture, marine systems and ship automation) to reduce ship drag and improve energy efficiency
  • Designed to IMO “Green Passport” guidelines for management of health or environmentally hazardous substances utilised on the vessel
Home Energy Management System

The Home Energy Management System is an application which enables utilities service/retail providers to influence home owners to reduce electricity usage and charges by providing realtime monitoring of energy consumption. It provides :


  • Energy cost and consumption monitoring
  • Month to date and monthly bill estimate
  • Billing history
  • Hourly, daily and monthly energy consumption data
  • Individual power outlet monitoring
  • Load control


The Home Energy Management System allows consumers to conveniently monitor their energy consumption and electricity bills and manage them effectively. Home owners can subscribe to demand response program from the utilities service/retail providers, eg to turn off high energy consumption appliances during peak hours where tariff charges are high. The system can be programmed to automatically switch on/off appliances based on load demand set by the consumers. The consumers are therefore able to live in an energy efficient home while enjoying the cost savings from facilitated by the Home Energy Management System.

Combat Systems Overview

This cluster focuses on how ST Engineering develops smarter systems ahead of time to provide customers with suitable solutions to meet the demands and challenges in the battlefield and other missions including humanitarian disaster operations. We use our proven technologies, which are operationalised and integrate different engineering expertise to help modernise armed forces.

Mobile Reconnaissance Robots

The Tactical Throwing Sensor (TTS) and Forward Sensor System (FSS) are mobile reconnaissance robots specially designed to wirelessly provide realtime video feeds for situational awareness to a Control Display System (CDS) before military and homeland security personnel are sent into an incident location.


  • A. Tactical Throwing Sensor

    The Tactical Throwing Sensor (TTS) provides easy manoeuvrability for indoor environments. It is designed to be thrown through a window or a doorway. The robot's movement is controlled by the CDS and a good view of the environment is available before teams are sent into the area.

  • B. Forward Sensor System

    The Forward Sensor System (FSS) is equipped with powerful motors and heavy-duty wheels to navigate quietly through difficult terrains and provide critical real-time video reconnaissance.
C4I Suite for Land Platform
  • A. SuperneT™ Vehicular Integrated Communication System ST6800 (VICS)

    The SuperneT™ VICS is a versatile, ruggedised and reliable communication and network solution suited for military and para-military applications in harsh tactical and mobile environments. It can be deployed in wheeled and tracked combat vehicles which commonly operate in mobile and fast-changing network environments. It also offers inter-vehicle connectivity to enhance communication on a battlefield.

  • B. Ruggedised Computers

    • CETEON® MIL-SPEC Vehicular Computers (MVCs)
      Powerful and robust, the ST Electronics' CETEON MIL-SPEC Vehicular Computers (CETEON MVCs) are developed for mobile C4 (Command, Control, Communications & Computer) applications.

    • Miltope Rugged Laptop Computers
      Powerful and lightweight, the Miltope Rugged Laptop Computers are portable computing systems developed for military operations and are designed to perform in the harshest environments. It is available in two variants, RCLC-1 and RLC-3. Both computers feature Intel Core 2 Duo processor technology to provide greater speed and computing power.

  • C. Laser Warning System

    The Laser Warning System (LWS) is an integral part of a vehicle's protection system. It rapidly detects incidents from laser range finders and laser designators and instantly alerts the operator via the control unit's onboard displays so that appropriate protective systems can be activated against these incidents.
CETRON® Mobile Command Hub

The CETRON Mobile Command Hub (MCH) heralds a breakthrough in vehicular design - workspace is no longer limited by the size of the vehicle. The MCH meets different operational requirements as it is expandable on one or both sides of the vehicle's body. Highly motorised, it allows for a quick and fully automated expansion of its cabins and the deployment of internal consoles.


The CETRON MCH is customisable to incorporate equipment and communication facilities that supports on-site mission planning, C2 (Command and Control) and inter-agency communications for large-scale events, emergencies management or disaster recovery


SuperneT™ Integrated Communication System ST6800


The SuperneT Integrated Communication System ST6800 serves as an integration platform to facilitate seamless data and voice interoperability and information dissemination among disparate communication subsystems such as the trunked radio system, VHF, UHF, HF radios, telephony system, cell phones, public address system etc.


It addresses the needs of military and homeland security agencies for :

  • Integration of disparate systems to deliver unified voice, data and multimedia services to fixed and mobile user terminals
  • Interoperability between different agencies to achieve closer co-ordination and faster response

Taking the risks out of mine hunting, the AUV-3 is based on a modular design that suits different operational requirements. Developed through a joint collaboration effort between DSO National Laboratories and ST Electronics, it surveys underwater seabed to provide effective and high quality data collection for Mine-Counter Measure (MCM) operations.


Unlike traditional remotely-operated underwater vehicles, the AUV-3 carries out missions autonomously, unlimited by the length of a tether. This allows it to travel longer distances and deeper in the sea during mine hunting missions without risking the mother craft. Multiple vehicles can also be deployed to increase the operational effectiveness of the mission.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV-3)

ST Electronics will be showcasing its Venus-9 and Venus-16 Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) at the Singapore Airshow 2012 exhibition to be held at Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore where visitors will be able to view scaled models of both the Venus-9 and the Venus-16.

Venus-9, Venus-11 and Venus-16 USVs
ST 3130 Cobalt - Standard Operating Common Console

The COBALT Series Rugged and Light Console integrates and encapsulates COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) electronics into an ergonomically designed rugged housing that offers protection from severe environmental conditions.

The scalable STellar DLink (STDL) is a modular and versatile digital data link system series, suited for various secure video dissemination applications - homeland security, law enforcement, defence and public safety. The STDL provides for simultaneous transmission of command and control signals, and reception of video and telemetry data, between an Airborne Platform and a Ground Control Station (GCS).

STellar DLink - Digital Data Link System
Electro Optics Solutions & Services

ST Electronics offers end to end Electro Optics Solutions and Services, with experience that spans more than 20 years'. From standalone handheld devices to complex integrated multi-sensor systems; visible spectrum to infra-red frequencies; image intensifiers to thermal images and many forms of laser equipment; STELOP offers an extensive range of application solutions for:


  • Air Force
  • Ground Forces
  • Naval Forces
  • Homeland Security Agencies
  • Operations and Services
  • Commercial Industries


STELOP's application solutions are powered by its highly innovative in house engineering and production teams incorporating advance EO products complemented by many strategic worldwide partnerships. Coupled with its established 24/7 service centre, it is truly a one stop shop for all Electro Optics needs.

Portable Lightweight Designator / Rangefinder (PLDR)

The Portable Lightweight Designator / Rangefinder (PLDR) is a ruggedised, lightweight, high performance, laser range finder cum designator which is operated by an individual soldier. With built-in electronic compass, laser spot camera and Global Positioning System (GPS), it enables ease, accurate and remote targeting of targets.


HELMIS is a small, lightweight, state-of-the-art, helmet mounted hands free thermal imager. It has the ability to see in total darkness, through battlefield obscurants and foliage. The rugged packaging is ergonomically designed for comfort and convenient handling. The HELMIS can be quickly attached to helmets by standard night vision attachments. It can be used for various military and para-military applications.


CORIS LM is an uncooled handheld Thermal Imager that detects thermal targets in daylight conditions. It is also capable of detecting such targets in low light and night conditions. It consists of an uncooled infrared thermal imaging sensor operating in the long wave infrared spectrum. The video imagery is displayed on the binocular viewfinder.

The Sniper Hand and Rail Precision Infrared MK 2 (SHARP-I2) is an add-on TI device mounted directly in front of a sniper scope or similar rifle combat optical scope that enables it to engage targets both day and night.


The SHARP-I2 consists of a compact and lightweight Uncooled Detector Assembly that operates in the LWIR (Long-Wavelength Infrared) spectral region, utilising the uncooled resistive microbolometer. This thermal imaging system does not require cryogenic cooling and operates continuously for long hours with standard commercial-off-the-shelf batteries.


The Mini Turret is a stabilised day/night surveillance payload specially suited for moving platforms and quick mobile applications. It is developed for patrol crafts, unmanned crafts and mobile surveillance systems.


URALIS, an uncooled thermal sighting system, is developed locally with a 320 x 240 microbolometer detector for optical performance. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, it can be handheld or mounted on different kinds of weapons and equipment using different adaptors.


Designed and constructed in accordance with the British Hovercraft Safety Requirements (BHSR), the Tiger 30TD Hovercraft is a civilian craft which can be utilised where traditional modes of transportation are difficult. Capable of high speed up to 50 knots, and with flexible deck space of more than 100sqm, the Tiger 30TD Hovercraft is able to support expeditions in the mining industry, oil & gas exploration, search and rescue, oil spill containment and for use as a passenger ferry.


Designed and built by ST Marine, the ENDURANCE Series of Landing Platform Dock is a well-proven multi-purpose and multi-role ship that has won global recognition for its versatility in a myriad of international and naval and civilian operations, including the post-tsunami humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Aceh, the support of United Nations effort for the reconstruction of Iraq in the Northern Arabian Gulf, and as a Command Platform for the anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden. The design has won the Singapore Ministry of Defence innovation and creativity award for ship design and engineering, and also won international recognition as a craft capable of multi-role and multi-tasking. The ENDURANCE-140 has a length of about 140 metres, and is designed with a helicopter deck that can support helicopter operations of up to two 10-ton helicopters or one heavy-lift helicopter such as the Chinook. It has a well-dock capable of operating up to four Landing Craft or a combination of small craft including Unmanned Surface Vessels. The large interior space provides for comfortable transportation of troops and personnel, and the ship is equipped with a comprehensive weapon and sensor suite for self-defence and preservation.


The ENDURANCE-160 is designed with an island-superstructure that allows up to five helicopter landing spots designed on the starboard side of the ship, and supported by a well dock capable of operating up to two Landing Craft. It has a comprehensive hospital facility for medical attention including surgery, and medical evacuation when needed. The ship is also equipped with an all round and all weather surveillance and self defence to ensure continued sustainability and mission success.


ST Marine's FEARLESS-75 Patrol Vessel, with a maximum speed in excess of 25 knots, has a designed length of about 75 metres and is equipped with a helicopter deck capable of supporting helicopter and VTOL UAV day and night operations of up to 5-ton payload. The design is optimised for high maneuvrability and fuel efficiency with the incorporation of a bow thruster and bulbous bow as standard features. The reduction of the radar cross section, and infra red thermal signature of the FEARLESS-75, the equipping of a comprehensive suite of weapon and sensor, the provision of key equipment and system redundancy, and the citadel system, are key engineering and design features that have been carefully incorporated to ensure operational survivability and sustainability.


ST Marine's BRAVE-75T Fast Landing Craft is a high-speed, shallow draft vessel designed to offer both high speed and payload unmatched by ordinary landing craft. It can be deployed as a multi-purpose utility vessel to operate in very shallow coastal and riverine areas, as well as beach and retract fully laden on typical sandy shores or unprepared shorelines. Its hull, constructed entirely in marine-grade aluminium allows it to achieve high speed even when fully laden.


Equipped with a drive-through deck without the restrictions of loading the craft only from the forward, the vessel's aft ramp allows operators to load the craft from the aft, with the armored vehicle in the ready assault position, facing forward. This design allows the loading duration of any armoured vehicle to be greatly reduced and increases the flexibility of loading configuration. The BRAVE-75T is installed with enclosed wheel house and troop cabins which offer protection to up to 12 crew and troops in any operating weather condition. Additional armour protection can also be provided depending on the operator's requirement.


The BRAVE-75T is also essential as a bridge to ease landing operations in the absence of port facilities, with the ability to line herself up to form a temporary wharf to support the loading of vehicle and material to the shore. Thoughtfully designed to offer the option of being housed inside our ENDURANCE series Landing Platform Dock, up to two BRAVE-75T vessels can be stored side by side in the well dock of our ENDURANCE series LPD.

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Chow Mei Hwah SXXX0026B
Choy Yue Kong SXXX8248F
Teo Yee Long SXXX8842D
Lee Chok Wai GXXX7394N
Jesus Maharlika Jayme Malata SXXX8984D
Hee Siew Lian SXXX3193D
Week 4 answer

Airframe Maintenance & Modification
Winner's Name NRIC No.
P Sarrasvathy SXXX3454A
Ong Ting Feng SXXX4820B
Hiew Hock Wui SXXX4156J
Anita SXXX3927E
Phang Sin Han SXXX6745E
Teo Kiong Boon SXXX2239H
Zhang Liu SXXX2691A
Sabarimanickam SXXX2102H
Week 3 answer

Winner's Name NRIC No.
Anuar Ahmad SXXX1302I
Tan Ghim Huey SXXX8157Z
Tan Lay Kian Angela SXXX3599C
Tan Yu Mei Wendy SXXX7868I
Ong York Kok Joshua SXXX6706D
Chan Siew Leng SXXX1274H
Ang Wei Cheng Christopher SXXX4977I
Goh Chun Lian SXXX2821G
Week 2 answer

Winner's Name NRIC No.
Jacqueline Cheng SXXX7302A
Grace Wang Enqi SXXX1960F
Fang Siaw Lui SXXX0777I
Lim Jie Hui SXXX3810I
Long Tew Lan SXXX8698A
Teo Ruichuen SXXX0325J
Soo Ziqiang SXXX3730Z
Tan Ser Leng SXXX6236G
Week 1 answer

Winner's Name NRIC No.
Low Choong Hui SXXX7027Z
Tan Siew Luan SXXX0700G
Leng Yong En Charmaine SXXX1646D
Richard Ong SXXX0317F
Goh Yee Boon SXXX1446F
Tan Su Fen SXXX0698E
Yeoh Shu Rui SXXX6238D
Seet Mei Siah SXXX2245G


  • A philosophy to offer only innovative engineering designs and solutions that enable our customers to achieve better outcomes
  • A desire to consistently provide our customers with smarter engineering design and solutions based on evolving technologies that are operationalised and tested
  • An offering based on group-wide engineering capabilities and collective expertise of our business sectors to enhance our customers' operational readiness, and immediate capabilities
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